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Never Forget

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Size Chart
Men's 4-9 9-13
Women's 6-11 11-13.5

Never forget this legendary dynamic duo, bringing the red carpet shame and the Canadian people much joy. These hilarious socks are a reminder of a better time, where denim dominated and Britney still had her hair. If you haven't gotten the point yet, It's Britney and Justin in their best Canadian tuxedos, bitch.

Art By: Brandon Christensen⎟ @brandochristo

Crew Height

Light Cushioning

50% combed cotton, 28% nylon, 19% polyester, 3% elastane

Product Care:

  • Machine Wash in 40°C/ 104°F
  • Avoid Bleaching or Ironing the socks.
  • Socks will last longer if kept out of the dryer.