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In The Mood 3 Pack

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Size Chart
Men's 4-9 9-13
Women's 6-11 11-13.5

Sometimes, it’s hard to read the signs. That’s why we’ve made getting out of a traffic jam and into the carpool lane easy with our In The Mood 3 Pack. We’ve included a sexy sock for every mood you’re in. Looking to keep intruders off your private property? We’re your security system. Cruising in the slow lane until speeds hit 69mph? We’ll be your slow sign. Ready to excavate new land with your oversized load? Let us drive your dump-truck.

Art By: Kurtis Schureman | @marrowcalifornia

Crew Height

Light Cushioning

DO NOT TOUCH: 41% combed cotton, 39% nylon, 17% polyester, 3% elastane

ENTER: 41% nylon, 38% combed cotton, 18% polyester, 3% elastane

DETOUR: 46% nylon, 35% combed cotton, 16% polyester, 3% elastane

Product Care:

  • Machine Wash in 40°C/ 104°F
  • Avoid Bleaching or Ironing the socks.
  • Socks will last longer if kept out of the dryer.