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Chicks Before Pricks

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Men's 4-9 9-13
Women's 6-11 11-13.5

Maybe that little prick wasn’t putting in the work, or maybe you just like staying single and ready to mingle with your ladies. Our Chicks Before Pricks socks were designed to give the bird to that “you know who” who just keeps hanging around, even when their time has expired. These cute socks are the perfect way to literally put your foot down or tell your girlfriends they need to kick that dude, or chick, to the curb. Because it’s Chicks Before Pricks ‘till the wheels fall off.

Art By: Riley Gish@rileygish

Crew Height

Light Cushioning

55% combed cotton, 24% polyester, 17% nylon, 4% elastane

Product Care:

  • Machine Wash in 40°C/ 104°F
  • Avoid Bleaching or Ironing the socks.
  • Socks will last longer if kept out of the dryer.