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Baked Together

Regular price $12.99
Size Chart
Men's 4-9 9-13
Women's 6-11 11-13.5

Stoners rejoice, we’ve redefined what it means to stash it in your socks. Our Baked Together pot socks are keeping things light and lifted, with an added hidden pocket to store your favorite strain. Grab a pair to roll under the radar at your next festival, or pass on the praise to your bud buddy with these marijuana socks and remind them that best buds get baked together. And remember, a frosty nug and a fresh slice go together like Chinese food and chocolate pudding. Shake and get baked buddies.

Art By: Aivilo@aivilo.jpg

Crew Height

Light Cushioning

43% combed cotton, 36% nylon, 18% polyester, 3% elastane

Product Care:

  • Machine Wash in 40°C/ 104°F
  • Avoid Bleaching or Ironing the socks.
  • Socks will last longer if kept out of the dryer.